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Thursday, July 31, 2003
"U.S. Senate Democrats angrily denied charges of religious bigotry on Thursday as they blocked the nomination of Alabama Attorney General William Pryor, an anti-abortion Catholic, to a federal appeals court."

Props to Dems for opposing Bush's efforts to fill the court with right wing nuts.
The national media loves to mock California. I demonstrated to ABC news that I was a candidate more concerned with issues and that the "thong tha thong thong thong" was simply a vehicle for proposing clean energy, publicly funded elections, and abolition of the death penalty. Issues NO OTHER DEMOCRATS are discussing.

ABC news, however, prefers to portray California as a circus act. You know, if they really wanted to be funny they should have had what's his face show up with a ferret. Perhaps put a little collar on the guy and have the candidate take him for a walk around town.

I am now back on top, ahead of Howard Dean in my poll. His people put up a good fight, but we now see that Georgy is America's favorite underdog. Nice try guys!
Is Bush setting us up for an Iran Contra rerun?

BUSH: I'm getting a little older, so when you ask four or five questions, it's hard for me to remember every question.

And people think I'm too young to run this state.
Wednesday, July 30, 2003
ABC news crew... are you guys for real?
Bush was asked today "What's your view on homosexuality?" The first sentence of his reply was, "Yes, I am mindful that we're all sinners."

He goes on to talk about logs in people eyes.
"And I caution those who may try to take the speck out of the neighbor's eye when they've got a log in their own. "

When WAS the last time you had a log in your eye? If I had a log in my eye, I sure as hell wouldn't be trying to get specks out of anyone else's eye!

I saw a guy with STDIO H as his liscense plate today! Sweet. I'm still trying to track down the guy who my friend claims to have seen driving around with the oh so funny CORE DMP plate.
So Hollywood is like totally missing the boat on this reality show that is the California recall taking place as I write this! I seriously think they could pack prime time with hours of entertaining footage. The latest candidates I've heard of are a Christian dude whose platform is "enforce the speed limit" and the guy who owns Cigarettes Cheaper.
The media is completely obsessed with my underwear, I guess this campaign really is the making of the president! I recall a similar feeding frenzy over Clinton's boxer shorts. CNN's Tucker Carlson calls me "a woman selling thongs." Fortunately there are a few respectable journalists out there. I'm happy John Carroll, everyone's favorite SF Chronicle columnist, didn't sell out like Tucker, and actually took the time to READ my website.
did i mention i eat a lot of soy and do ballet?
Tuesday, July 29, 2003
We yoga obsessed, soy eating Californians need to wake up and smell the chai. Does our "conscience" end at our waistlines? Individually we may appear to be a state of trend setting meditators, but collectively we're looking more and more like Texas. The reason for this may very well be our disillusionment with government. Voter turnout reached an all time low in California last election. This latest California "trend" may put our state in the hands of a leader who sees the future of California looking a lot more like a prison, where people are trapped by spiraling debt, lack of education and an unwillingness to innovate.
I continue to be misquoted, and to have my quotes taken out of context. What's up with that?!
Monday, July 28, 2003
It appears Dick and Arnold have formed an alliance, so to speak.
Can you imagine their conversation?!
A: "You running?"
D: "Not sure, you?"
A: "Well, I don't want to run against you!"
D: "Yeah, me either! I mean we go to the same church. I don't want to do that to our Pastor. Forcing him to pick sides and all. I think you should run."
A: "I don't know though. That Georgy chick reportedly said she'd challenge me to an intellectual debate or mud wrestling. My choice. Plus, Maria's worried about the pay cut I'll have to take. And I personally don't know if I will have time to keep up with my workouts. Maybe you should run, being used to the bureaucratic lifestyle and all."

So, I put together this top 10 list about a week ago, originally to encourage a reporter named Dion to do a story on me, and have since revised it.

Top Ten Reasons to Profile Georgy

1) She's willing to take on Arnold in an intellectual debate or mud
wrestling. His choice.
2) Darrell HAS a brother, and his brother's name is Darrell.
3) Her hostname is Cali, and she knows what a hostname is
4) A free Georgy for Governor t-shirt
5) A future poll could include YOUR name
6) Georgy for Governor, because she won't go GRAY til her term limits
are up
7) Georgy Porgy pudding and pie, votes for her make Bushies cry.
8) Gray, Dick, & Bill are four letter words.
9) She's the only candidate who sells (wears) thongs
10) A catchy title: "RUN Ahhnold, RUN!" (for the hills)
Saturday, July 26, 2003
Do you think Darrell Issa watched too many episodes of Bob Newhart?
Blaming everything on his brother...

"...and this is my brother Darrell, this is my other brother Darrell"
37 percent of fourth graders can't read. In America.
My latest slogan is "Vote Georgy for Governor, because she won't go GRAY 'til her term limits are up"
So, judging by the attention these thongs are getting you'd think NO ONE wears thongs. Thongs are just underwear, afterall, and worn by many females on a daily basis.
Can you imagine if this becomes a trend in future presidential campaigns?
Thank you to everyone for supporting my campaign so far! Please don't forget to vote on October 7, and register now if you haven't yet! Tell all of your friends. Despite what many want to think, I am serious about this campaign.
Go Hillcrest Elementary! Jodie and Brazil I'm counting on your votes!
Friday, July 25, 2003
Hari and Ben from KTVU you are awesome!
KTVU came by today and I should be on at 6 & 10pm!
KTVU came by today and I should be on at 6 & 10pm!
Monday, July 21, 2003

Show those GRAY politicians that governors can and should sell THONGS and BOXERS - like your underwear, politics is the foundation of everyday life...If they were alive today, the founding fathers would be proud.

The world is watching...Show them that **ONLY IN CALIFORNIA*** do the people reserve the right to elect a leader who embodies the electorate and is willing to take risks to make changes for the people.

Do not let this recall take us from bad to worse, replacing poor performance with someone whose views do not reflect those of the majority of Californians.


I ask Californians, leave the political baggage at the door! Experienced politicians have shown us that they are ineffective at navigating Sacramento's political landscape - unable to lead factions to a consenus, slow in reacting to crises, and lacking the charmisa to rally the troops.

The recall process provides you with an opportunity to use your vote to speak your mind - you don't have to vote for one of these tired politicians, all part of a political machine that typically forces you to waste your vote by selecting from a limited ballot of lukewarm candidates you wouldn't otherwise select as a friend or a leader. Seize this unique moment in American history, when your vote counts more than it will in any other election, and change the face of politics.

Please check out my new issues, feedback is appreciated!
Wednesday, July 16, 2003
From the Mercury News this morning, regarding the recall election, "The most popular choice, however is 'none' or 'someone else,' suggesting that many voters are uneasy with the altrenatives to Davis who have emerged so far."

This has been my sentiment exactly, and puts Georgy for Gov in a great position, we are the someone else!
Thanks to everyone checking out my site. I need everyone's support in spreading the word. And yes, Ruth, I think a normal person can run this state! California is an awesome place, and the government should be a reflection of that.
Monday, July 14, 2003
I might be an even bigger nerd than Richman hostname at work has been "cali" (yes, california) for a year now. How appropriate!
On another note, does anyone have a prediction for when reality tv will go out of style? There are so many reality shows on right now it's unbelievable. The NY Times reported on Fab Five, a show where five gay men "make better" not makeover a straight guy, updating his clothes, his hair and his home decor, and educating him on things like sushi. This actually sounds sort of funny but just so incredibly vain. I also thought the reporter looked better before they put pomade in his hair and replaced his t-shirt with a tight synthetic button down top.
As for a style that needs and update, it's time those Abercromie baby tshirts are replaced with Georgy for Governor attire.
Thursday, July 10, 2003
I'd like to note that KPIX morning news incorrectly reported that only one candidate has announced he is running - Issa. I am running for governor of California should the recall succeed as planned.
Yo Kaus, issue of the day...smaller classroom sizes. I'm an Oakland public school graduate all the way, on the one hand I'm lucky to have made it out alive, on the other, I'm proud of my ebonics translation skills. California, with the fifth largest economy in the world, should be embarrassed by its school system.
Tuesday, July 08, 2003
Kaus thinks I am a little thin on the issues.
Monday, July 07, 2003
Dan Schnur told the SJ Mercury News that this recall is the closest thing to anarchy that any of us will see in our lifetimes.
I saw LB2 at Shoreline this weekend. It wasn't anywhere as good as the original, but it's it's a cute flick. The dance sequence at the end is the best scene in the movie, so stay for that at least. Elle Woods is still an awesome character, I'd like to see a few people take a page out of her book. The girl is dedicated to her cause and got cute 'fits to boot. I can't believe I'm saying this, but if you like dogs, you might like this movie.
Thursday, July 03, 2003
J., you better be sporting that visor 24/7. I need more than a few handfuls of votes. Time for Oakland to take back California. It's on!
Today I was thinking, "How do my opponents rank on the following: Brains, Beauty, Leadership?"
My informal survey of Californians tells me Davis pretty much gets an F on all of them. Arnie, on the other hand, may get a passing score on one or two, but definitely not all 3. I'm still working on evaluations of Issa, aka car theif turned car alarm mogul, and Simon. Looks to me like $$$ is the common thread for the last 3, can't say I have that.

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