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Sunday, November 30, 2003
Current Bachelors, Future Governors
And they said it was "only in California." This guy is running for Governor in Texas. His name is Kinky, need I say more?

From his bio:

"Kinky always claimed his only accomplishment in the Peace Corps was to introduce the Frisbee which the natives used to make their lips big."

This NYTimes piece on him is rather entertaining.

As for California Governors, I bumped into Andrew Firestone, The Bachelor, (sans fiancee) a few nights ago in San Francisco. He says he's running for Governor next. I'd love to see him take out Arnold in 2006.

Thing is, I'm not sure he can do it, because he also said something to the effect of "I'm just the image of whatever ABC wants me to be." How sad is that? Come on Andrew, we've had enough spineless politicians, if you want to win in 2006, well, you're going to have to buff it up a bit.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003
This blog is dedicated to...
First off let me link this funny flash.

Now for the dedication part. Ok so not this blog, but this blog entry, is dedicated to my dad because today is his birthday and I'm not *sure* if he was hinting at wanting his very own entry for his birthday but he might have been. (I don't know who I'm dedicating this entire blog to but I can tell you right now it ain't Arnold.) As you know, I have not been bloggin' for a while (I can explain this, but I'd rather just blog), and today, November 25, 2003, I get this email from my dad. It's his birthday, but he makes no mention of that in his email. He simply complains about me not blogging saying I sucked him him with this "first one is free" crap and now nothing!

Really, I'm wondering if he logged on this morning to see if MAYBE there was a birthday wish in the blog. I sincerely doubt it, considering he's not really into celebrating himself. Although, that one is debatable. Because, you see, his name is George, and it's easy to say that you don't want to celebrate yourself, when in fact you indulge in it EVERYDAY by naming your DAUGHTER after you. (To this he will respond I have a great grandmother named Georgina, (on my mom's side) and that in fact, my name was going to be Ernie, short for Ernestine. ERNIE FOR GOV, how sad.) Oh and yes I do have a brother, an older brother, named Archie, he's got red hair. So they were not hoping for a boy.

But really, my dad can be pretty funny and ego-less. When I told him I had to write an essay on my three biggest accomplishments, he offered these suggestions:

(1) Getting Up Everyday and Brushing My Teeth
(2) Potty Training

He also pretended to be a bum once, to embarass me. I guess it was convincing - my friends were reaching in their pockets for quarters, that was until I yelled out "DAAAAD-uh!" in a my most irritated 13 year old voice. I was 24.

I'm not going to talk about how my dad is, he's 9 years older than mom, and, his older sister thinks he looks older than she does, but as the bum story previously established, he doesn't care what she, or anyone thinks.

I know you hate presents, so I've got a free Knoppix cd for you, which is Linux for commitment phobes, because there is no installation required. Oh yeah and I wanted to get you a shirt for your birthday. I looked around and tried to find it, but I haven't yet so I might just have to get it made. It's going to say "blog this" and you can wear it around all your friends who have no clue what blogging is. I found one which says "I'm blogging this" but I mean you don't even have a blog (yet) and what blogger wants people to know he's a blogger?

So, dad, to you I dedicate this blog entry. I hope you watched that little animation and "enjoyed" it.

(He hates that word. Especially when it comes with food and from the mouth of a waitperson.)

Wednesday, November 19, 2003
The Next Star Wars Kid
Though, he will probably have a career after this. Dead ringer for Chunk from Goonies, thanks to Brad for resolving that for me.
Monday, November 17, 2003
New Gov
Ahhh, metaphors
Monday, November 10, 2003
Merriam Webster's Phat New Words Stir up Some Drama
MccyD's not so happy about one of those words I linked you to a few days ago. And I must say that the McJOBS similarity should be a touchy subject.
So, considering his stance on domestic violence, I wonder how Mr. Dennis feels about the white tank tops which are perhaps now more commonly known as wife beaters. Should we stop calling them this, should we keep calling them this? Do they draw attention to the problem of domestic violence or do they belittle the offense? Dennis, anything on this would be appreciated.
Dennis Kucinich
I went to see Presidential Candidate Kucinich in Palo Alto on Saturday. He spoke for a while, and then in deference to what was billed as a "town hall" meeting, and more widely, a forum, he took questions from members of the predominantly white audience.

The candidate highlighted his "Department of Peace, " which not only provided a framework for a direct attack on his opposition by way of a discussion of the war in Iraq, but gave him the opportunity to embrace a role as spiritual leader.

He spoke of our collective responsibility to create a culture of peace, and asked "is there a way to live where we can be more optimistic, more full of hope?" Focusing on a "oneness" and a "sense of being" he referred to people as "brothers" and "sisters." Domestic violence and child abuse, the existence of which makes spiritual enlightment is simply unattainable, weighed heavily on his mind. We need to "challenge old attitudes" men have about women, about dominance over women, and somehow teach a respect which cannot be taught. Calling for a "more gentle society" where our people know "what it means to hit someone." "Child abuse is not talked about in a national way," and there too, must we "challenge old attitudes" such as those he was brought up with: Children should be seen and not heard.

As for Iraq, Mr. Kucinich challenges what seem to have become old attitudes there. "We can pull out." He believes that if we focus on why we got into the war, or perhaps more accurately, why we should not have gotten into the war (false documentation of an Iraqi deal with Niger for Uranium, the lack of a 9-11 connection, recent news that Sadam Hussein attempted to avoid an invasion), that we can safely, carefully replace our troops with those of the UN, effectively pulling out. All the while recognizing that the "motivating factor for the war is oil and the privitization of Iraq's resoruces."

The Q&A section provided a bit of humor for this audience member. I've forgotten the first question. It came from a man who seized his opportunity at the mic and gave his own speech, in which he cited numerous newspaper articles regarding the war only to lead up to the statement that this was not a war for oil, but for Israel. Audience response climaxed at this point, having gone from individual shouts of "What is the question!!?" to a collective "BOOOOOOOOOO!"

The second question was regarding policies for clean water and air, and came from a woman named Rainbow.

A Vietnam veteran for peace asked if DK would punish GWB for avoiding the National Guard.

My favorite question was from a die hard Kucinich supporter. His initial statements about his Kucinich table outside, his mailing list, his other mailing list, made me think he wasn't going to ask a question at all, but instead rally for supporters. How pleasantly surprised was I when he said "So my question is, why should I continue giving you money and time when it appears you have no chance of winning?"

DK's response:
(1) "If you vote for me, I will win."
(2) His grassroots efforts don't show up in the polls
(3) Winning aside, his presence keeps the other candidates honest in the debates.

Saturday, November 08, 2003
This is sad
I just visited Merriam-Webster and I see a link from the front page telling me to "Get my phat new words." I bite, and end up here, where I find they added killer app, def, phat, funplex, brewski and some other ridiculous words.
Friday, November 07, 2003
I'm a little slow
But I just realized that Mac users are being discriminated against. I'm sure you're saying "what else is new?" or perhaps thinking "mac users deserve it." It's time for us all to join the mac users and fight Penn State who is sanctioning this behavior! Napster only provides Windows downloads and it's time for Steve Jobs to step up.
Go Joe
More from cnet on Penn State's weasely Napster deal.

"The money I pay could go to much better things such as rebuilding the network or better lab equipment," wrote Penn State senior Joe Jarzab in an e-mail to CNET "Almost every single student I have talked to is outraged that their money is going to a program that they don't even want...(and that) their money is being sent to the music industry without their consent."

The last line is key. I hope this one backfires.

Thursday, November 06, 2003
When all else fails, pick your president for his or her OS
Who's running what?

Before you click, take a guess as to which presidential candidates are running open software, and which aren't.
Penn State Caves to RIAA and Corporate America
Penn State is charging students an extra $160 in fees (mandatory) for "technology resources." Some of this money is going to the RIAA, by way of a deal with Napster to give students "legal" access to music. Corporations involved stand to benefit, and are open about it. Here's a quote from the article:

"By offering free access--or access funded by school fees--labels and music services hope that students will develop habits that continue when they leave college.

"This deal encourages a new generation to try a legitimate service, enjoy and adopt it, and later when they have more time and money, continue it," said Mike Bebel, president of Napster, which is a subsidiary of CD- and DVD-burning software company Roxio. " "

I don't think universities should play a role in helping students develop habits to support corporate America. Berkeley did this by forcing Pepsi on it's students - they were the only soda machines available on campus. Students will be required to pay 99 cents for songs they want to keep permanently or burn to a CD. How will this be charged? Directly to their accounts, or do students have the ability to opt out from being charged? I'd like to know if Penn State is getting some sort of a kickback, or if they are doing this simply because they feel it's a "service" to their students. Or perhaps it's a way to keep pending litigation at bay.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Any ideas when the first rapper will bust out with a blog?
The dark side of offshoring, and I'm not talking about job losses
Who knew?
An Pakistani woman who does medical transcription for a Texan, who works for a woman who contracts for UCSF, threatened to publicize a presumably innocent patient's medical records if the Texan didn't pay up. When they called her on it, she said it was merely a threat, and she never planned to act on it. The threat was retracted.

The UCSF contractor gave this money quote:

"I can't believe this happened," Kaneko said. "We've been working for UC for 20 years, and nothing like this has ever happened before."

Ummm, yeah. Well, have you been offshoring for 20 years?

Time to put the brakes on this offshoring thing, get some international law in place.

The article is printed here.
I saw the MATRIX today. My company had a screening at 9am this morning. Very nice of them. However, it doesn't change the fact that this movie really sucked.
I fell asleep. Need I say more?

Yes, actually I do want to say one more thing about this "Trilogy," mostly for people who have seen the movies. What's up with those ripped up sweaters? And how much would it suck to be a costume designer for that movie?! Sooooo boring.
Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Talk of the Nation
Props given to Georgy for Gov, by Ken Rudin, during today's NPR Talk of the Nation. Listen up here
If blog aggregators are blaggers, what do we call blog analysts?
Gob Smacked
Thanks to Peter, a self described "English Georgy enthusiast," for this:

"I'm not sure if it's of English or Australian origin, but read "Gob Smacked" as "Astounded to the point of being struck dumb"

Gob = mouth

Smacked = err. well "smacked" "

Modified Costume
fun stuff, sort of.
Don't forget to vote today.
Unfortunately, you'll have to get up to do that. Australia's working on an evoting system, it's Linux based. You'll still have to get up to vote, but you can read the source code online, and submit bug reports.
The reporter leaves us with this quote, from the lead programmer, who at one point says he's "gob smacked" (what does that mean?):

"...we've all got a stake in who's in the White House these days. I'm actually prone to think that the rest of the world should get a vote in your elections since, quite frankly, the U.S. policy affects the rest of the world so heavily."

I dunno if I want this guy building the American voting system, back door for Aussies! Hmmm, on the other hand maybe I do - Aussies & Germans voting in my next election - victory!
Monday, November 03, 2003
How Much is Too Much?
"There are about 2.9 million active weblogs ('blogs'), containing about 81 GB of information. "

That's a quote from this study, updated for 2002, which details how much data is out there, and how much would be out there if everything were digitized. Clearly, I need to blog more because 81GB can practically fit on my hard drive alone.

"Instant messaging generates five billion messages a day (750GB), or 274 Terabytes a year. "

5billion messages per day!? And just think, we get to IM for free.

It's not over til it's over
On the same day 16 people died in Iraq, the NY Times magazine prints this article about the miscalculation on the Bush administration's part regarding post-war Iraq. Yes, the war is officially "over" and has been for some time. Rieff tells us why any intelligent planner would have forseen, and perhaps avoided, the "unpredictable" chaos that is in fact causing these casualties.

Titled "Blueprint for a Mess," this article comes on the heels of Seymour Hersh's Stovepipe (October 27 issue of the New Yorker) piece, available here, which was labeled "Bush's Bad Intelligence." Hersh explains how the Bush Administration changed the way the CIA was run - and how they enabled what would normally be considered "noise" to not only show up on the radar screen, but to be cause for war.

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