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Saturday, February 21, 2004
Yankee Heiress vs. Southern Belle
Now that we no longer have to obsess over the elusive Judy Dean, we can focus our attention on the race between the Teresa "International Sophisticate" Heinz Kerry and Elizabeth "Miss American Girl" Edwards.

Teresa Heinz Kerry, that’s TeRAYsa not TheREEsa. Born in Mozambique. Fluent in five languages. Daughter of a Portuguese Doctor. Studied in South Africa. Studied in Switzerland. Ten Honorary Degrees. Winner of the Albert Schwiezter medal for Humanitarianism.

She has three sons and two step daugheter, and one grandchild. She established the Women's Institute for a Secure Environment in 1996 to educate women about retirement security. She was first introduced to John Kerry at an Earth Day Rally. She married him on Memorial Day.

She’s Roman Catholic. She’s belonged the Democratic party for … one year. She has over $500 million from her late husband’s ketchup fortune. Yes, she's an heiress. Step aside Paris. Let's not forget she signed a prenup. But she’s into Chinese medicine, meditation, and tai chi. She drinks green tea and injects Botox.

Elizabeth Edwards. Veteran's daughter. Soccer mom. PTA member. American Literature student. UNC educated lawyer.
She met John Edwards in Law School, and married him the Saturday after taking the bar exam. She had 2 children in her early thirties, one of which passed away in a car accident, and the other is a senior at Princeton. But, in what is perhaps the oh so Sex and the City fashionable, she gave birth to two more children in her forties, Emma Claire is five, and Jack, is three.

She worked for the North Carolina Attorney General, and clerked for a U.S. District Judge. She is a Goodwill volunteer, but not just any Goodwill volunteer. This woman managed to work for the Goodwill book room. My Goodwill does not have a book room, in fact I've never seen a Goodwill with a book room. But God knows, Elizabeth Edwards would find the book room if they had it.

As if that’s not enough… Don’t like soccer? You can apply for Elizabeth’s lacrosse scholarship. Not into sports? She runs a computer lab (probably not a LINUX shop but we’ll give her a break.) Don’t like the Goodwill? She’s a March of Dimes fundraiser - who doesn’t love babies?

Seems like there's something for everyone to like here! But since I'm a Cali girl, I'll give you a Cali's guide to the first ladies. Keep in mind we're talking about Democratic women here, no need to worry about reproductive rights and the like.

So Cal
THK - botox and proud of it
EE - LA lawyers sign up here

Nor Cal
THK - green tea, tai chi, meditation. over educated. earth day.
EE - geek girl for all you geek guys. bookish. vintage clothes, or at least vintage publications.

EE - Soccer mom, PTA mom, older mom
THK - grandmama
EE - stand by your man, tell him when he's wrong.
THK - what's mine is mine (well at least $500 million of it!)
EE - Methodist
THK - Roman Catholic
Friday, February 13, 2004
Is Arnold trying to pull the Richmond Roadrunner votes from me or what?
Monday, February 09, 2004
The blogger bubble.
Wednesday, February 04, 2004
Massachusetts Just Keeps Getting Better!
This amazing photo actually came from Scott in Arizona.
Massachusetts, the other American Idol
Massachusetts is on it's way to becoming Georgy for Gov's second favorite state, after Cali, of course. They've got their linux on and now this! I wonder how the lovely Mitt Romney feels about this.
America's Idol
My favorite Cal Bear's fifteen minutes continues here!

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