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Wednesday, April 06, 2005
best gallery ever
Well I've never actually been to Marianne Boesky, but this gallery has a collection of some great artists and I'm not talking about totally big names which every other gallery claims. Mary Ellen Mark is incredible, and you can see her series on Twins at the website. I also like Murakami of course and his protege Ban who is showing public art in NYC right now. Check out Barnaby Farnas, though he's probably passe now, Sue de Beer has some nice color photos and Nara is fun too. Take a look...
Saturday, April 02, 2005
Red Sweaters
This is interesting - knitting a mini sweater for each soldier who has died in Iraq - over 1500 right now. I wonder if they'll meet the goal, and with how many knitters.
Sunday, March 06, 2005
today's fave artist
Is Karen Reimer. I love this juicy fruit one. I also like a few found here, the black and white notebook paper (first image) is great and pink laffy taffy ... tres chic.
Thursday, March 03, 2005
I love artists, and this is a nice article on one I love. I'll be going to see him next month at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco, and I can't wait. If you do read the article, you can read the rest of the Wallace Stevens' poem here.

Wayne Thiebaud is one of my favorite artists because...well because I just like his paintings. They make me feel like a child. (You know, writing "wayne thiebaud is one of my favorite artists because" makes me feel like a child too, in grade school, doing writing assignment.) Maybe that's because most of his works are of such innocent subjects, like desserts (pie, cakes, ice cream, cupcakes), candy, and toys. For me, his paintings remind me of times when I enter a french bakery, peer into a glass case lined with tarts, cookies, and cakes, and think that the items aren't food but art, too beautiful to eat. I think of times in my childhood when, as a perfectionist, I'd try so hard to scoop a perfect ice cream cone or frost a homemade cake like a professional would. He often uses peaceful muted tones, and my favorite aquamarine "Tiffany" blue. Of course, he is not without a sense of humor, and the painting whose name I like the best is "Big Suckers".
Monday, February 14, 2005
i've been proud of her lately but i just don't know how to feel about this!
Monday, February 07, 2005
I'm Back
So I'm reading Tom Wolfe's latest, I am Charlotte Simmons. It's modern, easy reading and reminds me a little too much of my college days at Berkeley. Co-ed dorms, frat parties, basketball players, you know the deal.

Anyway, today a friend sends me my least favorite NYTimes reporter's latest article. (Yes that would be Elisabeth Bumiller. Some call her Bush's Monica. I don't know much about that but I do know she sucked moderating the Democratic Primary debate and she writes about the President like one of his children might.) So what insight does Ms. Bulmiller have this week ... the President is also reading I am Charlotte Simmons. Okay, so the book is definitely his speed, and we know he's a party animal so I'm sure he's into the subject matter. No surprise then, that this President who once admitted to watching CARTOONS would pick up this book. Nor should it surprise us how forthcoming he is about the extent of his free time.

"Mr. Bush, who does his reading for pleasure on Air Force One, on weekends and before bed at night, has long said he prefers books to channel surfing, although he does watch television sports."

Wait ... what?! HE READS WEEKENDS AND EVENINGS??? And still has time for TV? When is he running the country? Whoops, I mean when is he running the world? Hold on...let's see here, he does explain why he's reading, and clarifies just how much:

"I'm reading, I think on a good night, maybe 20 to 30 pages," the president told Brian Lamb of C-Span in an interview at the White House last month. "I'm exercising quite hard these days, and I get up very early, and so the book has become somewhat of a sedative. I mean, maybe there are some other old guys like me who get into bed, open the book, 20 pages later you're out cold."

EXERCISING QUITE HARD?? Ok, so the guy has time for working out HARD and reading trashy novels. Does he still watch cartoons?

Mr. Bush added that "in this job, there are some simple pleasures in life that really help you cope. One is Barney the dog, and the other is books. I mean, books are a great escape. Books are a way to get your mind on something else."

Yah that's right Georgie, please get your mind on something else. You know what, just forget about the war for a while, take a luxurious escape back into your college days, and you know what, have a few drinks while you're at it. I'm sure the soldiers won't mind. Oh and in case you're running out of things to read, looks like there's another book out that might suit you.

Thursday, May 27, 2004
Yak Farmers Yak It Up, with the Help of Pun
Tell me that my title for this blog entry should not be the title of this article (yah, I picked it up from /.) .

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